Monday, April 14, 2014


I recently revisited a few Circo D'oro

This time around I had their affogato...470 yen. Hot espresso is poured over vanilla gelato.

The owner let me pull my own espresso. Well, actually he had to help me, their machine is a Fiorenzato and it is a lever type of espresso machine. The lever is super tight because of the spring inside.

Count to 5 and release slowly...out comes your shots of espresso.

It was a cool experience and the affogato was nice too.

I went back to Boulangerie Goût. This time I bought their earl grey cream bread...which was good but got smashed in my bag.

A brioche type of bread filled with earl grey cream and topped with tons of macadamias.

Their cinnamon roll. I love how they packed it, the topping was a cinnamon flavored cream cheese frosting.

Satoshi and I shared both of these for breakfast one day.

And this past Saturday, I went back to The City Bakery.

I had actually wanted to go to All Day Coffee, but they didn't open until 10:00.

This time around I had their cinnamon apple biscuit and the sesame azuki good!

Have you been revisiting some of your favorite eateries?


KirkK said...

For some reason that name still gets to me....looks really good though.

K and S said...

Kirk, :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

Good heavens...just the description alone for the brioche from Boulangerie Goût makes me weak. I WAS revisiting my fave supermarket for their blueberry muffins until they started cheating and using blueberry jam instead!

K said...

Mmm, so many delicious sweets!

K and S said...

boo! for using jam instead of fresh, Rowena :(

indeed K!

Take care you two.