Tuesday, April 22, 2014

søholm cafe

We recently tried Søholm Cafe's lunch.

Previously we tried the same cafe in Kyoto, but as I was writing this post, I found out that the Kyoto location closed earlier this year.

I ordered their meatball plate...900 yen plus tax. This came with their salad buffet & drink bar. The pickings were kinda slim when we first went to the buffet line, but everything was quickly refilled which was nice.

The meatballs were moist and the tomato sauce really tangy and flavorful. For the amount of sauce, I think they should've given at least one more cube of foccacia.

Satoshi had their avocado, bacon & tomato pasta...900 yen plus tax. He said he enjoyed it. I thought it would have had chunks of avocado but it was more of an avocado cream sauce. His lunch also came with the salad buffet & drink bar.

They also have terrace seating which should be nice as the weather warms up...we'll be back.

Søholm Cafe
Grand Front Osaka North Building 1F
Phone: 06.6359.2737
Open 10:00-22:00, when Grand Front Osaka is


Chad said...

Thanks for always posting these wonderful recommendations on places to eat around Osaka! I would be quite interested to give that meatball plate a try!

Rowena said...

and I hope that the weather warms up for you soon! The rain brought temps back down to 10°C, but I won't complain because finally i don't wake up with red puffy eyeballs ^-^

KirkK said...

Looks like a decent place for a quick bite Kat.

K and S said...

if you check this place out Chad, I hope you like it!

me too Rowena, I don't really know what to wear these days!

indeed Kirk :)

Take care everyone!

K said...

Mmm meatballs! Looks delicious although I would've wanted a whole loaf of that bread, haha.

K and S said...

lol K!

Take care.