Saturday, April 26, 2014

jean-paul bigot

I recently tried some items at Jean-Paul Bigot...their sakura bread.

Preserved sakura leaves are chopped and worked into the french bread dough. The results are nice.

A little salty from the leaves, the fragrance of sakura and chewiness of baguette.

We had these for breakfast, but I think it would be nice with wine!

The petit pâté..a buttery flaky pastry filled with a moist pâté (reminded me of meatloaf)

I toasted this before eating and it was so good, I wish I had had another!

I really enjoy their stuff, I'll be back!


Rona Y said...

Petit pate is what I thought was pate chaud! It was my favorite! Definitely best heated in a toaster oven but also tasty at room temperature! Mmmmmm...

KirkK said...

Ooooh...that petit pate.....I gotta find some around here.

Rowena said...

Yum....pâté! Dangerous to be around any place that sells a variety since I always want to get a little slice of each.

K said...

I love the shape of the sakura bread!

K and S said...

I found it at Kawanishi Bigot, Rona, so happy :)

you would probably be able to make a really delicious version Kirk!

indeed Rowena!

K, cute yeah?!

Take care everyone!