Friday, April 25, 2014

happy cup coffee company

I ran across this brand of coffee recently...Happy Cup Coffee Company.

They are from Portland Oregon and employ adults with disabilities ("People with Potential" as they say) to batch roast and package their coffees.

I loved the naming of the coffees..."Boom Boom Dark Roast" & "Morning Madness Espresso Roast"

We tried the Morning Madness coffee and enjoyed it.

We also tried Boom Boom and I like this one more than Morning Madness, it seemed a bit smoother, richer.

Love the packaging as well.

It's Friday, I hope you enjoy the weekend.


Rowena said...

A good product with a great idea (of employing workers with disabilities). Great marketing too!

K said...

The packaging is too cute!

K and S said...

so true Rowena :)

it is K!

Take care you two.