Thursday, April 24, 2014

yard man

In Hawaii, my parents have a yard man. He uses a blower to blow all the leaves together to pick them up when he is done.

It's noisy, leaves fly everywhere...

He's gotten yelled at by neighbors because the leaves blow over to their side of the fence...well, when these neighbor's yard man comes over, guess who gets their leaves...ahem!

Anyway, I noticed this guy the other day. And thought, "oh no, they have leaf blowers here too"...and then I saw him "vacuuming" the leaves up!


Now this is something I wouldn't mind seeing or hearing more of in Hawaii.


Chad said...

OMG!! Leaf blowers!! I totally get you. When I first bought my apartment a few years ago, the yard people would use leaf blowers from fairly early in the morning. It drove me crazy. I remember the Honolulu City Council created a bill to make leaf blowing illegal before 9am or something like that shortly before or after, but generally around the time that I bought my place. I remember thinking, "hey, I thought these things were illegal before 9am." Anyway, since that time, they don't leave blow anymore. I have seen those leaf vacuum things that you just talked about too! Some of the downtown maintenance folks use the leaf vacuum thing.

K and S said...

cool to hear they are using the vacuum thingy, Chad!

Take care.

jalna said...

Good idea!

Rowena said...

And here I wanted to get a leaf blower to make yard work easier! Dang those things are LOUD (my neighbor hires a guy to clean his yard). A good thing that he only comes about twice a year.

K and S said...

nice yeah, Jalna!

lol Rowena, they are loud!

Take care you two!