Wednesday, September 23, 2015

we're back, we're (almost) 10 & giveway

Silver Week is rapidly coming to a close. The weather was awesome and I've got lots to share after I sort out photos and stuff.

In the meantime, can you believe this blog has been around for almost 10 years? I can't.

I started this blog as a way to give updates to family and friends without filling up their email inboxes.

Who could have imagined that we would have readers from around the world!

To celebrate, I want to send a care package to one reader.

How to qualify:
1) Have you won one of our giveaways before? No problem, you can still enter.

2) Have you ever commented on our blog? No? then please de-lurk with the following...

3) Tell me in the comments where in Japan you have been...what? you've never been to Japan? okay, then tell me where you'd most like to visit in Japan...oh no, you live in Japan? then tell me where in Japan you haven't been but would like to visit.

4) Please comment only ONCE to enter to be fair to others.

Good Luck, you'll have until September 28, 2015, 12:00 noon, Japan time to enter.

I hope what I put in the box will meet customs requirements where you are, and not be anything you may be allergic to, if not, I'm sorry in advance!

Thanks for reading our adventures, I really appreciate your comments, they really brighten up my day!

*comments now closed* thanks for entering!


blukats said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! It's been nice following your blog for the past couple of years.
Where in Japan have I been? Kyoto and parts of Tokyo.
Where would I like to go? Back to Kyoto and Tokyo and a lot of other places. I think top of that list would be to the Five Lakes area and to the east coast of Tohoku. I really want to stay at a nice onsen sometime too.
Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Unknown said...

Dear Kat,

This is Marianna! Wow, we've been fellow bloggers for a long time! You just made realize that my blog has been around for about as long as yours has. Time does fly!

I know, I don't comment a lot but, believe it or not, I am attached to your blog because well..we've known each other (even if we have never met in person but..never say never!) for such a long time that to me you are a familiar presence.

I was in Japan for some years, specifically in Kanagawa Prefecture. I was living in a city called Sagamihara.
During that time, I was able to do a bit of travelling around the prefecture I was in and also the neighboring ones such as Chiba-ken and Saitama-ken.
In addition, I had the privilege of visiting a bit of the Kansai area.

One of my dreams, aside from going back to Japan regardless of where, is to visit Okinawa. I truly dream about it.

Kat, I am sorry for not dropping by more often but I keep Japan in such a special place in my heart that oftentimes reading about it makes me wince in sadness.

Still, I would love to be the winner of your giveway as I normally never win anything. And being able to win something from you would be such a happy thing!

Please, keep writing. I'll stop by, from time to time.

Oh and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving caring comments. <3


Unknown said...

Hi Kat!
Its just me, Mona, fellow island girl with roots in Japan. Just wanted to thank you for providing that connection for me thru your blog, FB and IG pages. My Okaasan is from Tokyo, so I've been here and there a few times since the 80s... but in October 2014, I was able to take my family to Japan for the first time to meet all my Japanese family and friends. It was the best adventure we'd been on, and cant wait to go back to explore even more! We want to travel to Osaka and Okinawa so the kids can experience the fantastic aquariums; to Mt. Fuji to watch our good friend Naoryu race; and to just live, breathe, eat and BE in Japan!
I do hope maybe one day we can meet in person. Keep writing, and I will keep reading! Take care, Aloha! 🍹🌴🏄

Lindsay-Jean said...

Happy almost 10 year anniversary Kat! Hard to believe that means I've been following along for about 7 years now—wow, time really does fly. Where I want to return to in Japan is such an impossible question! But I would make sure Sugishima onsen in Itadori Village in Gifu was on my itinerary, and Osaka, of course, to finally get to meet you in person!

Vickie said...

I was born in Sasebo (my dad was in the Navy). I would love to go back and see how the city has changed. Separately, I would love to hike up Mt. Fuji.

jalna said...

10 years!!! Congratulations! Hard for believe, yah. Time really flies. I already won a huge prize package from you before so no need enter me. Just wanted to say congrats.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Hi Kat! Happy 10th anniversary! I've been to Japan a couple times, but one of my favorites was Hokkaido for the seafood and snow festival! Also, I did like some of the onsens in the mountains, but I can't remember any of their names. :( Take care! Mich

alibaba37 said...

Hi Kat! Happy almost 10th anniversary! I've been a reader for about four years now and I love all of your adventures. I have not been to Japan, but it is on my bucket list. There are many places I would love to visit and I don't know where to go first! I would like to travel during the cherry blossom season, because you make it look so gorgeous in your pictures. LOL!! I'll use your blog as my a guide to my travel itinerary too.

kabocha808 said...

Happy Anniversary! My last trip to Japan was about 15 years ago, and reading your blog makes me want to go back. I lived in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido some 30 years ago and got to visit various places on Hokkaido (the city lights of Hakodate was beautiful), as well as, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima. I want to visit any city that has a Tokyu's my favorite store.

Akiko said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'm a long time lurker in Honolulu ,although I might have commented once or twice.
I love to live vicariously in Japan through you. I don't get to go to Japan as much as I'd like, maybe every 5 years? But just recently visited Hokkaido this summer and loved it. Next time, Osaka and Kyoto, for sure!

Amy said...

Happy blog-versary, Kat! (I don't think that's a word...) Your blog has been around for nearly ten years, and I've been reading it for a long time too! I think I bookmarked it around the time that I was still reading eGullet frequently - I don't remember if you posted there, but I think I found your blog through there. I'm going to Japan next spring! - if all goes well, we'll be headed to Osaka and Tokyo. I went to Tokyo and Atami on a previous trip there. I can't wait! Congrats on the blog anniversary again!

Kentucky Lady said...

Happy 10th! I found your blog several months ago and enjoy reading about your life and especially the food! Yes, I've been to Japan about 6 or 7 times. My son was a JET in Kagoshima and went to visit. Since JET,he has married a wonderful young woman and last year had a beauitful baby boy. Just wish I wasn't a long distance Grams. Places I have visited, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Pearl Island and many places around Kagoshima. Will go back next summer to visit again, but will have them here in Kentucky for Christmas this year!!!
Keep writing.

Caroline in San Francisco said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! I've been reading your blog for a few years and especially enjoy the "culture shock" posts. My family and I went to Japan for the first time two years ago and visited Tokyo only. All of us fell in love with Tokyo/Japan, although I've always been interested in Japanese culture and food. We've promised ourselves to visit Kyoto next. Although Osaka would be fun too; I learned from watching the TV series Gochisousan that Osaka is famous for its cuisine.

KirkK said...

Happy 10th blogga-versary Kat! And here's to many more!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on keeping your blog going! I have been to several places in Japan, most recently Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Beppu. I hope to go back in 2017! I really enjoy your blog, I am amazed at how much you put into it.

Berry said...

Happy almost 10 year anniversary! I don't remember when I first came across your blog, but I have enjoyed your posts for a while now. I recently visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nikko. It was a lot of fun and I hope to go back when I get the chance!

Seattle Itadakimasu said...

Hi Kat, I am one of your lurkers and live in Seattle, WA (born and raised in Hawaii). I love reading your blog entries, both the ones about your life in Japan and when you travel to Hawaii to visit family and friends. Oh and your recipes. Thanks for posting those! My sister was in the JET program in the mid 90s and I was able to visit her in Hiroshima. That has been my only visit. I have a 15 year old son who recently went to Japan (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto) for school and wants to go to University in Japan when he completes high school. I hope he does so I can go visit him often! Thank you for posting entries regularly. I probably visit your blog 3-4x per week. Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I agree with Biancorosso about having to compartmentalize affection and nostalgia for Japan, otherwise it's hard to focus on the present life living in another place. I lived in Shikoku for one magical summer in my youth. Even though I haven't had the time or chance to live in Japan again, the memory of that experience means a lot to me and stays in my heart. I'm actually planning to visit my host family again on the 20th anniversary. Just thinking about seeing their faces after so much time has passed puts tears in my eyes! Sometimes it's also hard for me to think about Japan because I met my first love there. It's a bittersweet feeling, though emphasis on the sweet. The boy is no longer in Shikoku, riding a bicycle in his school uniform, instead he wears a suit every day now and has a family :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Kat! I am originally from Hawaii and am of Japanese descent. So I love reading your blog about Japan and about your return visits to Hawaii. I am also a foodie so that works well with the focus of your blog. I used to work for Fujitsu USA so I have been to Japan on a number of occasion; predominantly on business in the Tokyo area and surrounding cities. You might find this strange but I loved visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market at 5 am all by myself once, and then going to one of the nearby restaurants and eating a great seafood meal. Hope to keep reading your blog for many more years!

Miranda said...

I've never been to Japan but I would love to visit! Kyoto is at the top of my list.

Barbara said...

Love your blog!
I've been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima & Miyajima. I would like to visit Fukuoka, Osaka & go to go up to Hokaido to see the Ice Festival.

R Y said...

10 Years! Congratulations!! I still remember finding your blog while searching for info on the Salon du Chocolat. Yours was one of the few English-language blogs based in Japan (in Kansai, at that!), and since you were in my 'hood, I loved gleaning your blog for food-related info!

I've lived in Kyoto, Ujiie (in Tochigi), and Nishinomiya, but I've travelled all over the place. There are two places I haven't been which are high on my list--Hokkaido and Okinawa. One day I'll visit those places, and one day you and I will meet again!

Sandra said...

Congratulations! I enjoy your reviews on all food places in Japan and Hawaii. I visited Tokyo, Hiroshima and Hokkaido right after college and want to go back! What a lovely country! Thank you for blogging!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Happy blogging anniversary! I would love to go to a hot springs one day and just "chill" in the water and have some natural foods prepared in the village style. I would also love to go to a Japanese swap meet specializing in textiles such as fabrics, supplies, old kimonos.
Mahalo for sharing!