Friday, December 09, 2022

this and that

Monday and Tuesday it was fahreezing (still is)...was kind of forecast for snow, but it was only really cold rain.

Points if you can see the cat.

This rye bread from Himmel.

When I bought the marron chocolat, they gave me two slices to ono!
Remember Hiroko? well, I found the actual product at Daiso.
Bonne Maman's Chestnut was on sale at my favorite market the other day, so I decided it was time to try.

They also have a milk jam (dulce de leche) but it wasn’t on sale.

Apparently this comes from France, only sugar, chestnuts and vanilla.

Now, what to try it on…

Nishikiya Kitchen's Kerala Fish Curry...delicious! slightly spicy love the coconut flavor.

Bummed that Japan soccer lost but proud that they did as well as they did.

Today is the day that Kat has to stay at home all day to literally watch the paint dry.

They are painting the front door?! or somewhere near that and the door needs to be kept open for several hours while the paint dries = someone needs to be at home = Kat...

At least the scaffolding is supposed to start being taken down sometime next week! 

Maybe afterwards we can put back the screen doors and my plants can FINALLY go outside!

Hope you are doing well.

Tokyo's numbers are still up.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, is the kitty the black blob near the far wall? I feel like I want to see cat ears in the shape, not sure if they’re really there or not. 😂 Mmmrrreoow, are you there, kitty?

Anonymous said...

Kat, Japan may have lost the game but won the respect and admiration of the world by staying after the game to pick up trash that was left behind by spectators. Yes, it was on the TV Japanese! What a class gesture.
Bonny OGG

jalna said...

Seems like the renovations are progressing pretty fast. Yes?

K and S said...

About the middle of the photo Anon.

Bonny, yes the Japanese soccer fans always pick up the rubbish after the games :)

Jalna, I think/hope so :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

I've never seen maman's chestnut cream before - must check again if they bring it in for the holidays.

K and S said...

Rowena, hope you can try this one :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

For some reason, I feel like it's extra cold this year.

K and S said...

Kirk, I think so too :)

Take care.