Tuesday, March 05, 2024


The word for mending or darning in Japanese is tsukurou.

I tried darning my socks the other day.

Many moons ago my cousin had given me this wooden mushroom to mash garlic, I used this as my darning mushroom

Bought some embroidery thread at the 100 yen shop, they didn't have black, so I bought this gradient blue and gradient orange.

Many moons ago I bought darning needles at the 100 yen shop 

Gotta work on my stitching but this was pretty easy to do and it was a nice way to save these socks from the landfill.


jalna said...

I love the thread!

Anonymous said...

How clever of you to use a kitchen gadget to darn socks. Perfect tool.
Bonny Ogg

Anonymous said...

awesome! I have a bunch of socks that I am reluctant to throw out.

KirkK said...

Awesome Kat!

Rowena said...

I end up cutting socks into strips to secure tomato vines, but it's great to be mindful anyway of putting less stuff in landfills... speaking of which (rant alert!), amazon sent me the wrong size of underwear (panties), but when notified, they wouldn't do a return or exchange due to company policy! I did get a full credit on the account, however, they didn't give a hooha if those 5 panties went into a dumpster or wherever. I was so pissed, the individual packaging hadn't even been opened.

K and S said...

me too Jalna :)

I don't use it to smash garlic Bonny, so I'm glad I can put it to use another way :)

I hate when the rest of the sock is still good V :)

Thanks Kirk :)

that is so wrong Rowena :(

Take care everyone.