Tuesday, June 22, 2010

creating sunshine

The weather has been gloomy. Dark, humid and gloomy. Some days it rains, some days just overcast.

I've been envious of those people blogging about picnics, summer and sun!

I decided to make my own sunshine. I bought some hamburger, added some chopped green onions and white onion. Added an egg and mixed everything up.

Then, since we're not allowed to cook on our lanai, I cooked up 4 patties in my frying pan on the stove.

I toasted some french rolls, and spread some mayo on them after they came out.

Then I put some sanchu (Korean lettuce), the patty and some kim chee. (I actually put a LOT of sanchu. Be sure to eat over your plate as the juices from the kim chee and burger will drip like crazy!)

I served this with some potato salad, leftover 3-bean salad and Leffe Brown beer.

I liked the beer (smokey and easy to drink but not watery) and it went nicely with everything.

Though the weather will be cloudy or rainy over the next week, these picnic foods cheered me up.


gtrine said...

i like the new look, Kat!

Anonymous said...

Delicious lookiing spicy burger you have there! And I like the cheery, summery layout of your blog, too! Sending you virtual sunshine and cool breezes your way.

K and S said...

Thanks Gtrine :) It was really easy to change on Blogger.

Thanks Anon!

Take care you two.

Kathy said...

Whoa, love the new look :) So summery and happy...I automatically smiled when the page loaded!!

K and S said...

Thanks Kathy, you can change your blog too (if you want), just go to Template Designer on Blogger and click!

Take care.

Jenster said...

Kat, the weather here in Seattle is very similar -- humid, cloudy and slightly rainy. However, you cheery new blog format brings a little sunshine to me!

Rick said...

Wow! I had to double check I was reading the right blog! Nice Summer look! That juicy kim chee Burger sounds good!

K and S said...

Thanks Rick, it was super easy to change the template using Blogger's Design Templates.

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

Wish I could send you some sunshine. ;-( Hope it gets better there soon--but at least you will be here in a couple of weeks. The burger looks delicious. ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Debinhawaii :) I can't wait to go home (for a bit)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

A little bit longer and you'll be home for fun in the sun. I know what you mean about the weather...supposed to rain out this w/e, so I better get caught up in the garden this week.

Paz said...

i think it's great you created your own sunshine. well done.


K and S said...

Thanks Paz :)

Take care.