Saturday, January 12, 2013

shiga koshihikari

Recently used 1 of the 300 grams of Shiga koshihikari rice which we received from the mystery tour.

By the way, 300 grams is about 2 rice cooker cups of uncooked rice.

I served it with some brussels sprouts sauteed in a little canola oil and dressed with a lemon-olive oil dressing and some dried cherries.

For the main dish I made some hamburger patties.

I'm not an expert on rice but this looked kinda shiny when cooked, which I think is a good thing.


jalna said...

Your rice looks good. I've been debating recently on whether to get a new rice cooker. Our rice comes out kinda too soft for me.

KirkK said...

I do love the shine on koshihikari. I have a stash at home that I make mostly for myself. I hide it behind the jasmine, brown, and calrose.

K said...

Mmm, looks like a great meal! Did you taste a difference with the rice? My mom always says she can tell a difference with the annual shinmai, I wonder if this is like that.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Oh it's a great thing! Rice that we can typically get here (in the US) lacks that beautiful shine. Whenever I go to Japan I'm just so happy looking at plump shiny grain of rice... Never heard of koshihikari made in Shiga. Good to know. :)

K and S said...

you may need to adjust the amount of water if it is too soft, Jalna.

ooh so sneaky, Kirk :)

no I couldn't tell a difference K :(

Thanks Nami! I think a lot of prefectures have their own koshihikari :)

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

The idea of rice being shiny wouldn't have entered my mind if you hadn't mentioned it. Learn something new every day!

Anonymous said...

I love koshihikari rice. I usually order it via Amazon (American Amazon). It is a little bit pricey, but it is really excellent. Well, it is true - you get what you pay for.

K and S said...

Definitely learn something new everyday, Rowena :)

I've heard it is pricey too, Sandra.

Take care you two.