Tuesday, October 09, 2018

blue and white (mostly)

Awhile back, Rowena mentioned that she wanted to see all the blue and white dishes I had...

Well, this is most of them...the rectangle ones are Delft patterns we got on our honeymoon.

Most of these are from the 100 yen shop.

Over the years, some are from MIL, from friends and from family.

Apparently the most blue and white dishes in circulation nowadays come from the Mino area of Gifu.

Most times when I buy, I buy 2, one for me, one for Satoshi...some still have their match, some do not.

The fish dish is from Iida's back when they were still around in Honolulu.

Same as the pasta dish which I got from Iida's before we moved to Japan in 2001.

I used to have 2 Snoopy dishes but one broke, so this is the only one left, which I got from the Sanrio store, many moons ago.

The white one with ume flowers are from my Mom's stash. It has metal in the design, so it isn't microwave friendly.

The reddish plate is from MIL and also has metal in the design, so it also isn't microwave friendly.

The Hello Kitty was also part of 2 but one broke, so this is the only one left.

Same goes for the dish that is "egg" shaped.

So that's the bulk of my "stash"...hope you enjoyed seeing it.


Anonymous said...

beautiful collection! Whenever you posted pictures of you meals at home, I always wondered...is that all you guys eat, or do you have seconds because I know Japanese dishes are small. LOL, just being nosey ;) and to wash so many dishes :(

K and S said...

we usually do not have seconds V, and yes, lots to wash, but everything in tiny dishes, is a nice way to have a pupu party :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

no wonder you are so slim, plus with all that walking!
I meant to tell you that Iida's is still around. They're open on the the corner of Pensacola and Kona St. Looks like a warehouse from the outside, no store windows and the inside is even worse than when they were in Ala Moana :) stacks or dishes piled all over the place and other merchandise.

KirkK said...

Iida's....my goodness, talk about a blast from the past!

KirkK said...

And just in case you're feeling nostaglic....I think it's before your time Kat...but I enjoyed this list:


Rowena C. said...

I had NO IDEA you had such a huge collection! well, big to me as I am only starting to collect smaller dishes as they really come in handy for pickles, sauces, etc.

I can't help but wonder why only blue and white? preference? limited choices? I find myself drawn to blue and white or various shades of blue/blue green.

K and S said...

V, I still smile remember the first time we met and you said, "I thought you were at least 200 lbs!"...I think all the walking keeps my wait the same.

Thanks Kirk, like reading their posts.

not such a big collection, Rowena, there are so many other designs that are not blue, I guess I tend to lean towards the blue ones.

Take care everyone.