Monday, October 08, 2018

curry no ongaeshi

I recently came across this at a bookstore...Curry no Ongaeshi.

Ongaeshi is "to show gratitude for something", "to repay someone for something"....not too sure what the concept behind this product is but inside the package is a spice mixture for curry.

You add a little to "enhance" your curry, to make it even better.

I made a dry curry (curry without liquid)...I thought it was a little bland by itself, but Satoshi said he liked it, still, the next time I use this I'm going to mix it with the S & B curry powder that I always use.


Anonymous said...

how interesting to have found it in a book store!

K and S said...

I notice the Tsutaya bookstores sell food stuff there V!

Take care.

KirkK said...

In a bookstore Kat? We could use any of that (not many bookstores left here - and none of them serve maybe) here.

K and S said...

yes Kirk, in Hawaii too, so many bookstores have sad!

Take are.