Thursday, March 30, 2023


Since moving to Tokyo, I realized I had not used my Bialetti

So I decided to use it the other day and then realized that the "spokes" of this gas stove burner must be larger than the one I had in Osaka because the Bialetti was too small to sit on the “spoke” looking thingy

So after scarily balancing it and making some espresso, I looked online to see if I could find an “adapter”.

And in the process learned a new word...gotoku

It literally means 5 virtues and also means tripod/trivet

When I looked at Hands (previously Tokyu Hands) website, they had it in stock...1650 yen (tax included)

So I put one on hold to be picked up at their store in Kawasaki

And within one hour I got an email saying that my order was ready for pick technology!

The trivet is ceramic.

The smooth side is what the pot sits on when using.

The "rough" side is what secures the trivet to the "spokes" of the gas burner.

I'm glad I'll also be able to use it for smaller pots as well as the Bialetti.


Rowena said...

ooh I like the fact that it's ceramic (I guess it's got some 'weight' to it), but shocked at the price! I checked Amazon for something similar and they had this:

most homes have the cheap version that looks like this:

I should cockaroach the one at my inlaw's, but ever since we bought a fancier coffee machine, the Moka is gathering dust.

Anonymous said...

great find! I think I wouldn't have thought there was an "adpater" and just tossed the pot.

K and S said...

Rowena, I calculated the euro to yen and the one I bought is a little more expensive but only by about 2 or so dollars.

V :)

Take care you two.