Wednesday, October 04, 2023

kuze foods

Was looking for chestnut takikomi mix at the market but they only had the kind with chestnuts from China in it, so I purchased this sweet potato rice mix instead because the sweet potatoes are from Japan.
I didn't realize how long it took for takikomi gohan (rice cooked with dashi) to cook in the rice cooker on takikomi gohan mode...1 hour 10 minutes!

This particular mix doesn't use any added water, just the dashi (stock).

Since this mix is for 2 cups of rice, I mixed 1 cup white with 1 cup brown

It is delicious, I would buy this mix again.


Anonymous said...

does this package need to be refrigerated?
My mom used to make a chagai with sweet potato when we were kids. I used to like it and think about it once in awhile.

K and S said...

ooh chagai, my grandma used to make too. This package doesn't need to be refrigerated, V!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Whoa, 1 hour 10 minutes Kat! When I made Gomoku Takikomi Gohan in my old school push button rice cooker, I just had to let it sit for 20 minutes after the regular cooking cycle.

jalna said...

How convenient to have a takikomi gohan mode.

K and S said...

interesting Kirk :)

I hear there are some rice cookers that have a bake mode, Jalna :)

Take care you two.