Wednesday, March 05, 2014


The other day I had some time on my hands.

I was waiting for the delivery guy. He was scheduled to come between 9 and 12.

Not knowing if he would come at 9 or closer to 12 (or somewhere in-between), I decided to make some dishes for dinner and make a bento to take to the park for lunch.

I started with these purple carrots. I whizzed them in the food processor along with 1 orange carrot and make this...

Carottes râpées au miel (grated carrots with honey)

Awhile back, Kazumi had given me these sakura(cherry blossoms) preserved in salt.

I used 3 of the blossoms to make musubi. NOTES: this is super salty, so wash off the salt before using!

Another dish I made was Spring Cabbage Tuna Salad.

I added some leftover teriyaki, a tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) and some rakkyo (pickled scallions).

And wouldn't you know it, lunchtime came around, so I started eating and the delivery guy came...

oh well, didn't get to bring this bento to the park, but did go walking after lunch.

Hope your week is going well, we're having a cold snap and rain today.


KirkK said...

That looks lovely Kat!

jalna said...

So pretty that purple carrot!!

Rowena said...

9-12 or somewhere in between...I've heard that one before whenever we're expecting a package in the mail, but nowadays it happens that we just get a call to go down to the pickup point in town. Those big delivery trucks just don't wanna drive up our skinny mountain roads.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Looks delicious! We are having some nice cold weather in Hawaii - it was 58 degrees this morning, not as cold as your weather, but nice and chilly for Hawaii!

K said...

So many great dishes! Those carrots are so pretty!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk!

Cool yeah, Jalna?!

I can only imagine how skinny your roads are Rowena :0

Glad the weather is cool over there Mich :)

Thanks K!

Take care everyone :)