Sunday, March 23, 2014


Friday was a holiday, so Satoshi had the day off.

The weather dude said it was gonna rain off and on, so we planned on staying indoors all day.

But when we woke up, it was sunny.

So we went walking...bad part was that it was so windy. Icy windy...brr.

Before starting the errands that we needed to run, we stopped in for lunch at Nagatomo. Apparently the cook formerly worked at a hotel restaurant, as a chef.

Satoshi went with ebi fry (fried shrimp)...I thought the mashed potato "swoosh" was fancy but overall plating was lacking some green like the shredded cabbage that usually comes with a dish like this.

Satoshi's lunch also came with a salad, miso soup and rice.

I went with the beef omu-rice (omelette with rice tucked underneath).

The rice was seasoned with beef, mushrooms and their demi-glace sauce.

The omelette was on the softer side making it easier to cover the rice.

It was topped with lots of ketchup and gravy and a nicely charred piece of beef.

My lunch also came with a salad and miso soup.

I think this restaurant mixes French and Japanese cuisines.

They have many choices for lunch, I think we'll be back.

Nagatomo (UPDATE:3/2015 this place is no longer in business)
Bell Flora Kawanishi East E-119
Kawanishi, Hyogo
Phone: 072.759.3715
Days off not set, so call before going
Lunch: 11:30-15:00 Dinner 17:00-23:00


Rowena said...

Although it was windy, nice that you guys got outdoors. I've been using a lot more hand lotions lately since sun + win = super dry hands at the end of the day.

K said...

Mmm, Omurice is so good, this one looks delicious!

KirkK said...

Man, that's one hearty looking omu-rice.....

K and S said...

my hands get really dry after washing lots of dishes Rowena. hope your skin doesn't crack, they hurt if they do.

it was really nice K!

it was huge Kirk!

Take care everyone.