Tuesday, March 11, 2014

things I'm liking (disliking)

Some random things I'm liking and disliking...I'm liking these cookies by Harney & Sons.

The chocolate one is called Earl Grey Supreme and is flavored with earl grey supreme tea, citrus peel, cocoa and chocolate chips.

The white one is called SOHO and is flavored with tea, coconut, chocolate chips.

Super crunchy with lots of flavor.

I'm bummed though because these cookies are made with margarine, should've read the label better...

The cyclamen is blooming and brightening up our living room. This plant has been with us for over 10 years now.

These cupcakes called Hachimitsu Altena. Hachimitsu is honey in Japanese and Altena is a city in Germany.

These cupcakes are made by Konigs Krone, a confection maker in Kobe. We got these from my host-brother's wife. She gave us four, chocolate, matcha (green tea), tea (earl grey) and coffee.

The cakes are moist and rich, there is a little honey "crust" at the bottom and lots of chestnuts.

You can either eat it as is, or zap it for 20 seconds in the micro to warm it up. Either way it is pretty awesome. (Thank you!)

I'm liking this division for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

I saw this while walking in Tennoji and am glad that everyone keeps to their area, sometimes it gets crazy scary when bicycles zoom around us pedestrians...

I'm sure it is just as scary for bicycles with cars...

This black ramen by Ippudo.

It is curry based and they give you a bib so you don't get your clothes dirty when slurping. Kinda like eating squid ink?

This ramen had char siu, buttered corn, cabbage with balsamic reduction, and fried onions. Talk about different textures and flavors.

Too bad this one is only on their menu for a limited time.

This baguette with a slab of chocolate by Iena.

Toast it and the chocolate gets all oozy while the baguette crisps up...so good with coffee!

The croissant donut and fuwafuwa (fluffy) donut from Donuts Dept.

The croissant is filled with a custard cream, dipped in a little chocolate and topped with diced peanuts.

The fuwafuwa donuts is just that, fluffy goodness.

I love this little shop!

From Tada farms in Iwate, Tohoku, their chocolate pudding.

So rich and I love that hard layer on the top.

Speaking of Tohoku, I'm sending some good thoughts their way today.

What have you been liking?


Fiona said...

It all looks so delicious!

Rowena said...

Black ramen! As trendy as Milan is, I know that I'll never see black ramen on a menu. I like. Question on the cyclamen: do you put it out when the weather warms up or is it always indoors? I wanna get one.

KirkK said...

Lots of good stuff there Kat!

K said...

Mmm, ramen, doughnuts, chocolate!

K and S said...

Thanks Fiona :)

I usually keep it outside, Rowena, but this year was weird, the weather was warm-cold so the leaves and blossoms started early, so I brought it indoors. After it blooms, everything dries up, I don't water it until Autumn, and then the cycle starts all over :) super low maintenance!

Thanks Kirk :)

indeed K :)

Take care everyone!