Thursday, March 20, 2014

suigetsu park

IMG_5538 A couple of weeks ago we had a nice sunny day, so I checked out Suigetsu Park.

I caught these grandpas having a nice time.

IMG_5537 Many people were out and about even though there weren't many ume blossoms.

IMG_5655 Then yesterday, Satoshi and I checked out Suigetsu Park again.

IMG_5656 A lot of the blooms have begun to fall.

IMG_5659 Though there were still a lot of trees in full bloom.

IMG_5660 We're supposed to have rain today and then the temps are supposed to drop and then, Spring is finally gonna be here...cross your fingers...


KirkK said...

Funny what difference just a week or two can make.

Rowena... said...

Spring is already making a statement here so I hope you'll enjoy it soon. I'm looking forward to peas showing up at the market.

K said...

The flowers look so soft and puffy in the last photo!

K and S said...

so true Kirk!

I hope so too Rowena! we already have peas in the markets, I'm sure everything was grown in hot-houses.

Thanks K!

Take care everyone :)