Thursday, May 29, 2014


IMG_6904 Satoshi's friend gave us this box of sweets (Thank you!)

Aco's is an online bake shop. You order from them and they deliver it to you wrapped or to the person you want to give them to.

IMG_6908 In this particular box, there were 2 marron pies (flaky crusts and a whole chestnut), simple and delicious!

IMG_6916 Biscotti...I liked how they used both almonds and hazelnuts.

IMG_6917 Galette Bretonne...buttery cookie

IMG_6918 Kibi cookies...kibi (a type of brown sugar) is ground up with pecans, flour and butter...super crunchy cookie!

IMG_6927 Fig Kugelhopf...a little boozy fig "bundt" type of cake.

Everything was fresh and delicious...thank you!


Ko Tamakikat ahau said...

Looks delish!

Rowena... said...

I'm guessing that those didn't last to long!

K said...

Ooh what a nice gift!

jalna said...

Nice selection!

K and S said...

it was TK!

you would be right, Rowena :)

indeed K :)

Take care everyone!

K and S said...

indeed Jalna :)

Take care.