Saturday, May 31, 2014

garrett's popcorn

Saturday, I was walking past Hanshin Department Store's basement area and there was a rather long line...I looked at the sign that the lady at the very end of the line was holding and figured out it was for Garrett's Popcorn.

Instead of immediately queuing up, I finished up my errand and went back...bummer they were sold out already, and it was only 30 minutes after the store opened!

Then on Tuesday morning, I had an appointment, so after I was done, I went past Hanshin to see if I could get in the line.

They were still giving out tokens to purchase the I waited for about 30 minutes.

Everyone was limited to 1 can, 1240 yen. And they only sold 200 per day...There was a lady in front of me that had already queued once and was in line again to buy another can!

The can was Garrett's quart-size.

The caramel was darker than most of the other brands I've been trying...almost burnt in flavor.

I'm glad I got to try this though, I hear the line in Tokyo is crazy!


jalna said...

Me and Wendell waited in line twice when Beard Papa Cream Puff was new to Honolulu. We were just passing by, saw the line, and like you were curious. We didn't have anything better to do on that day so we got in line and talked story with the people around us to try and find out what the big deal was. It was fun.

K and S said...

I remember my Aunty telling me it was all the rage about the lines back then, Jalna :)

Take care :)

Rowena said...

Who would've thought that gourmet popcorn would have such a following over there. Maybe when Milan is tired of ramen, cupcakes and bagels, they'll start a popcorn craze. I would be first in line.

K said...

I've had Garrett's Chicago mix before, one of our vendors sends them as holiday gifts. They're really good!

K and S said...

I hope it trends in Italy Rowena!

I want to try some of the other brands in Tokyo, K :)

Take care you two!