Sunday, May 25, 2014

otenba musume

One thing that Toyama is known for is kaki (persimmon).

The hillsides are filled with rows and rows of kaki trees.

While waiting for one of our trains, I picked this up at one of the markets for us to try....Otenba Musume. In Japanese "otenba" means "tomboy", "musume" is "daughter".

Not sure as to why it is named this.

Dried kaki and yuzu...nothing really mind blowing, but I was happy to try this.

A great snack and nice with wine.


Parisbreakfasts said...

Savory or sweet?
Yuzu is so HOT in Paris patisseries et tres cher at the Japanes epicerie. The same in Japan? Or is it the shipping. Here it's like gold...

Rowena said...

Never would've thought of the wine combo, but it does sound like something I'd try.

jalna said...

I'm not too much into kaki, but this looks interesting, especially with yuzu.

K and S said...

sweet, PB, just dried fruit, rolled up :)

me too Rowena, but it was just like dried fruit, so I figured it would definitely match, I'm glad I tried it together!

ah, Jalna, another food you should try :)

Take care everyone!