Wednesday, July 06, 2011

on a walk

IMG_0681 All this eating, we should go walking too...

Starting off with a sunrise...kinda blurry, took this one on the fly.

IMG_0684 Maybe some chickens...yeah, we got chickens and roosters in our neighborhood.

That one is kinda blurry too...they move so quickly!

IMG_0689 I think these lines were painted last year or the year before on our street, not sure why.

So now, people think they don't have to park near the curb...sigh!

IMG_0688 I was upset seeing this bulldozer in someone's dug up a banana tree, with bananas still on it!

What a waste.

IMG_0685 "Beware of Attack Kids"...thought that was kind of funny.

Not if they actually came out to attack me though...

IMG_0680 Not sure what type of vintage car this one is but thought it looked pretty nice.

If you know, let me know.

IMG_0682 There is a house with a white picket fence and all of these flowers attached here and there on it...nice!

On their gate are blue yeah?!

IMG_0675 Also not too sure what kind of dune buggy this is...this one was nice and shiny.

Again, if you know, let me know.

What have you been seeing on your walks?


Rowena... said...

I had a good laugh at the chickens and roosters part. They are everywhere on Kauai!

Rick said...

They could've at least tried to relocate that banana tree. Really wasteful. :/

K and S said...

We even see wild pigs sometimes in the valley Rowena...

I know Rick :(

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Ahhh, that was a nice virtual walk! Thanks Kat.

K said...

What a great variety of photos from your walk! That's really too bad about the banana tree.

Japan Australia said...

Some nice things on your walk and I love a good walk after a big meal to burn off some of the goodies just eaten. Love the sign!!

Japan Australia

Shen @ said...

Thank you for sharing pictures from Hawaii with your readers. I feel like I am walking around Hawaii by looking at your pictures.

K and S said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Jalna :)

My mom says I should've gone in to save those bananas, K!

Isn't the sign something, J-A??

I'm glad you enjoyed this Shen :)

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

So why did the chickens cross the road Kat? LOL!

K and S said...

Kirk, you so silly...they crossed the road to run away from me :)

Take care.

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

I'm enjoying your new scenery on streets in Hawaii. At least I can pretend I'm in Hawaii too...

K and S said...

that is what Shen said too Nami :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Your neighborhood is so much more interesting than mine. ;-)

K and S said...

oh but you have ducks Deb in Hawaii ;)

Take care.