Tuesday, July 26, 2011

things I'm liking (disliking)

marukai Some random things I'm liking and disliking...starting with disliking...while this bento from Marukai looks really good, most of the side dishes were bland, very disappointing.

harney (1) These Harney & Sons bottled teas were also a disappointment, very watery, not much flavor and I didn't add ice when I drank them either.

wahine Loving the signs on the bathrooms at the shopping area on Lewers in Waikiki.

Wahine (wah-hee-nay) means woman in Hawaiian, you should also know that Kane (kah-nay) means male.

bigkahuna Love the garlic cheese balls at Big Kahuna Pizza...my friend Wen and I shared an order and a garlic tomato spinach personal sized pizza for lunch one day...so good and cheesy!

dhm Diamond Head Market & Grill's Mochiko chicken musubi is good with chicken in every bite but I think US$3.50 is a little steep for it.

yogurtland I've been to Yogurtland a couple of times already...some of the frozen yogurt I've eaten was kinda iffy (I really should ask for a taste before I put it into the cup!)

I usually choose toppings like peanut butter cup and my all time favorite the hot pink frosted animal cracker.

liliha A cute cookie made by Liliha Bakery. My mom received this from a friend and shared it with everyone at a Sunday dinner...while it was cute, the cookie didn't have that much flavor.

opi shatter Apparently the thing to do is paint your nails with a nail polish with "shatter" or "crackle" in the name...I bought my first bottle and love it...you paint a base color, something you want to peek through the "shatter" paint and let it dry thoroughly.

Then add one coat of the shatter paint (mine is silver), if you add any more coats, you will ruin the effect.

Wait for this to dry then paint over with a clear top coat...the shatter paint dries to look like it is cracked...fun, yeah?!

madre (1) Madre chocolate is a bean to bar operation in Hawaii.

I got this 70% Fair Trade Dominican cacao bar with popped amaranth from Deb and it is delicious. I especially enjoyed the popped amaranth, which seemed like crispies except smokier.

Whew! long list...what are you liking? disliking?


Rowena... said...

Even if that cookie didn't have much flavor, I am in love with the design. So cute! As for the nails...ever since I started gardening, nice nails went out the door. All of my polish dried up but I never get around to tossing them out. I try to atleast remember to trim my nails though!

K and S said...

I actually used to be a nail biter before Rowena, now I'm pretty proud I can grow them this long!

Take care.

Kathy YL Chan said...

Love Diamond Head Market + Grill, but everything they get is so pricey. Always a few dollars more, but adds up. Their blueberry scones are crazy good though ehehehh ^_^

Deb in Hawaii said...

Glad you liked the Madre bar. The popped amaranth bar has become one of my favorites--love the texture. ;-)

That cookie is adorable--even with no flavor. ;-)

K and S said...

I gotta try those scones Kathy!

thanks again for all the goodies, Deb in Hawaii!

Take care you two.

Mikuru Hirai said...

I don't know... every time I see foods that are pleasing to the eye, I always assume that the taste wouldn't be as good... I'm just lowering my expectations lol

Anonymous said...

Too bad on the dislikes, such a shame on the teas! That Garlic Cheese ball looks so interesting, I'm a huge fan of various types of cheese. Love the nails, you have perfectly shaped nails, I have to shape mine for them to look good.

OkiHwn said...

That mochiko chicken musubi looks very good!

jalna said...

You got some good-looking food there!

K said...

Great roundup! I have the OPI black shatter but haven't used it in a while, might have to again soon.

K and S said...

oh Mikuru, you're so funny!

thanks Elle, can you believe I used to bite my nails?!

it was Nate, just very pricey.

Thanks Jalna :)

I debated about the black shatter, K, but went with the silver, you should take it up again :)

Take care everyone!

Dayna said...

I got a very similar bento like that from Marukai yesterday, too, but with a little less sides. Sooooo disappointed as well :( The salmon was so bland!! I was expecting it to be at least salted a little.

K and S said...

hmm I wonder if it is mostly their salmon bentos, Dayna?! that is unusual...hope the next time you go you get a tasty one!

Take care.

genkitummy said...

Cute nailpolish! I've been wondering how the shattered nail polish comes out. I love the bathroom sign too!

K and S said...

it's fun Genki, hope you get some :)

Take care.