Wednesday, November 21, 2012

made in japan

Suteteco is the Japanese word for men's long johns.

The summer version is made of thin cotton and the winter version is made of a soft wool or a thicker cotton.

Recently though, they've been trying to appeal these "pants" to the younger generations.

Jazzing it up with brightly colored fabrics making them look more "fashionable".

Anyway, we recently came across an item made in Japan called Neruteco.

Neru is the shortened name for "flannel", it also means "to sleep" in Japanese.

These pants are unisex and have definitely been keeping us warm these past nights.

How has the weather been where you are?


David said...

Those look very similar to the pyjama pants/lounge pants that I wear around the house. They are very comfortable, but are certainly not made to wear out and about!

Phil said...

It certainly is getting quite cold hey? I need to get my hands on some neruteco!

Rowena said...

You know, I was on the phone with my son (in WA state) and we were talking weather. I don't think I can do Hawaii hot anymore, and for me, 10°C is just about right. I actually gotta take off my outer jacket when I walk the dogs.

K said...

I've been in Seattle for the past few days- lots of rain here!

K and S said...

apparently the salesgirl says you can run to the convenience store in these, David, though I wouldn't chance it...

we got these at Lulu in NuChayamachi, Phil :)

Hawaii hot is still not as hot as Osaka hot, Rowena :)

eep, rain, K! stay warm!

Take care everyone.