Wednesday, November 17, 2010

italia! and...

Yesterday after French class, I checked out the Italian Fair at Hankyu. It was actually the last day but I was interested in checking out some chocolates.

Lunch was proscuitto and cheese sandwiched in an espresso bread by Bar Del Sole, an Italian bar from Tokyo. The espresso flavor was quite strong but amazingly matched with the proscuitto and cheddar cheese.

I tried this chocolate covered marron glace. The whole chestnut is Italian and covered in a caramel olive oil sauce. Then coated with dark chocolate. I'm not sure who made this but it was delicious.

Another thing I tried was this tartufo (truffle) by Tartuflanghe, a shop in Alba, Italy.

This was hazelnut paste with hazelnuts and covered with a sweet chocolate.

I also bought some bon-bons by Luca Mannori, whose shop is in Prato, Italy (Tuscany).

Top row: Black Pepper: milk chocolate ganache, black pepper covered with milk chocolate
Orange & Lemon: orange lemon dark chocolate ganache, covered with dark chocolate
Earl Grey: earl grey milk chocolat ganache, covered with milk chocolate
Bottom row: Pepperoncino: white chocolate ganache, chilies, covered with milk chocolate
Olive & Salt: salt, olive hazelnut praline, covered with dark chocolate
Chestnut: chestnut paste covered with milk chocolate

All were delicious, but my favorites were olive & salt (sweet, salty), orange & lemon (citrusy), earl grey (very nice earl grey flavor) & black pepper (peppery).

I'm glad I was able to try these items. I hope Satoshi likes his half of the chocolates too.

Lastly, we were informed that we were included as part of their top 50 Japanese food blogs...nice! and thank you!


Rowena said...

Everytime you post italian chocolates, I'm learning about another name that I've never even heard of before! I think the italians have fled the country and set up shop in Japan. No wonder that guy who made the corzetti stamps said it is the japanese that go nuts for italian stuff!! (Like I can blame them ^-^)

Congrats on being in the list of top japanese food blogs. You definitely kick butt because you post consistently and include a variety of topics. I wish I could be as disciplined as you!

Lindsay-Jean said...

Congrats on being a top Japanese food blog! :)

Franky said...

mmm chocolate!

Jude said...

Congratulations! That is awesome and well-deserved :) If I were at this Italian fair, I would probably have to roll home. So much wonderfulness, especially the Earl Grey chocolate!

K and S said...

I think part of the mystique is that they don't all have websites Rowena. I hope you get to try these if you get to Tuscany (Toscana). There was also Osteria Del Castello, which also has restaurant in Milan.

Thanks Linny :)

Dark chocolate Franky :)

Man there was charcuterie and cheeses I wanted to buy also Jude...definitely would've had to roll me out of there!

Take care everyone!

Lalique said...

Helloo visiting you from Turkey

K and S said...

Helloo Lalique, thanks for visiting.

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Loving those chocolates--you bought the perfect flavors. ;-)

Congrats on being in the Top 50--it is well-deserved! ;-)

K and S said...

thanks Debinhawaii :)

Take care.